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Long Day is a Progressive Grunge band based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Deep-rooted in
Grunge, enveloped in the aesthetics of 90’s Alternative Rock, and incorporating fine touches of Prog - Long Day’s music ranges from powerful, energetic guitar-riff driven songs to touching, intimate ballads - all infused with lyrics about global, world-scale issues as well as personal, inner-most ones.

Yuval Fenichel (Guitars, Vocals) started Long Day in Israel in 2012 and in 2014 started recording the band's debut album, "Perhaps Too Long", with former members Amit Serper (Drums, Percussion, & Backing Vocals) and Gur Oren (Bass Guitar). Shortly after the release of the album in 2016, Yuval moved to Canada and started looking for new band-mates. In 2018 Rohan Menon (Guitars), Shaurya Arora (Drums & Backing Vocals), and Charlie Poulson (Bass Guitar) joined Long Day and started performing live, integrating themselves into the local music scene in Toronto.

Another personnel change in 2019 put the remaining Long Day members, Yuval and Shaurya, on a new path and they began writing and recording new material taking the band to fresh and exciting directions - Beginning with the release of "A February Song" and "Same Old Place" the same year, and continuing in 2020 with "Finally Found"

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